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Who should subscribe?

I have first-hand helped people to make successful transition. If any of the following is your situation, I’d love to help and I am sure we can help each other to achieve your specific goal:

  1. If you are an (backend, networking, security) engineer who have been on non-cloud environment and wanted to relate your skills to the ‘cloud’ technology discussions (I have been there);

  2. If you are an engineer who want / need to make career transition to cloud projects (specifically AWS);

  3. If you are a front-engineer who’d like to discuss / co-design the full stack architecture with your colleagues (to be honest, cloud infrastructure, particularly the serverless paradigm really made such discussion easy and productive);

  4. If you are a backend engineer who’d like to switch to DevOps / infrastructure engineer, or simply wanted to own the overall DevOps / Infrastructure decision;


Shuo Yang
Disclaimer: Opinions are solely my own as a cloud practitioner and programmer in the last 15 years